Cougar Creek Canmore

Cougar Creek Canmore

All copyright Aydin Productions Ltd.  footage  may not be copied or used but maybe purchased.

Videos are from 2012 – 2014, Latest aerial shot  June 17th 2014. I will post a retrospective in the following weeks stay tuned.

This is the first one I shot back in 2012 when the creek sides came apart.



Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Uncorked

Another great Canmore restaurant ready to roll out with some special during the week of April 3 – 12  2014 for Canmore Uncorked Food Festival

Chef Kyle making one of his dishes.

Iron Goat Uncorked

Iron Goat in Canmore is one of the restaurants that are part of the inaugural Food Festival taking place April 3 – 12 2014 in Canmore Alberta.

Here is a quick clip of Chef Adam doing his thing.


Canmore Stands Strong

Canmore Stands Strong

After a week of devastation Canmore Stands Strong. Watch the aerial video shot on June 27th, 2013 and see the beauty of this mountain town.







Canmore Beauty after the Flood

Canmore Beauty after the Flood

We all have been through alot and I thought it would be a nice way of ending the day with some beauty images of Canmore after a few days of destructions.

Here are some pictures from tonight around 10 pm June 22, 2013 .

I hope they bring some peace to us all.