Canmore Cougar Creek Flooding

Canmore Cougar Creek Flooding

On June 20th a horrible event occurred and left the Town of Canmore in a State of Emergency. The rains came down and the snow melt happened creating the perfect creek washout. The water flowed down Cougar Creek and started to do its damage. The unfortunate thing is it started to effect the residents in the whole town especially on the creeks edge. Last year the storm occurred around June 6th and had its way taking out some of the walking path and creek bottom. Watch here to see last years clip I shot.

This year it was a whole new disaster.  Many people left the Cougar Creek area to safer locations and being a resident just down the road ( not affected ) I felt I needed to capture and document this sad event. Here is another video posted of stuff floating away






WIFTA put on an event at the Salt Lik in Banff for the Banff Media Festival with a great attendance from everyone in the film and television world.

WIFTA is a non-profit organization that promotes and assists the professional development, equitable treatment, recognition of achievements and the creation of new opportunities for professionals, especially women in the film, video, multimedia and television industries.

Here are some pics from the event.


Cornerstone Theatre

Cornerstone Theatre

I’m always looking for companies that need my services and when I contacted Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore Alberta where I live they said they needed a promo clip. We quickly discussed their needs and discovered it was a quick overview of their dinner theatre Oh Canada Eh! that runs from April till October . This was all shot on a Canon 5D Mark3 with a music track already from the show.

I always say show your potential clients what they can look forward to by visiting your establishment especially if it’s tourism based, restaurants, hotels , activities. People plan ahead and its nice to know whet they can expect. A photo is only one element to your marketing strategy. Video is a big one that if your company is not doing , well lets just say your missing a big opportunity.

Watch the promo.

AMA at Christmas

AMA the Alberta Motor Association was doing their yearly drive for presents at Christmas where Santa comes to pick up the packages donated and brings them to all the kids in need of a present. we were there to capture the event and deliver the footage to AMA for their library and for media. Here is a quick clip of the event that took place.