Using Video to Market Your Business

If you think I wrote this to get your business, your right, but it’s also an process of education.

Here it goes.

Stats on the webs show that by 2011 search will be 90% video.

Over 10 million people have watched each 3 to 4 hours of video majority on mobile apps

And I am sure you know that You Tube owned by Google is the second largest search engine.

So how can you use it?

Educate your potential and existing clients on your products or services, give them a reason to keep coming back to buy more or make their first purchase.

Promote a product by showing a demo on how it works, special features and anything you feel may get even more interest.

Testimonials from clients about your product or services always helps, this is a confidence builder for the buyers. They’ll feel more comfortable knowing someone else has experienced the service or product.

Launching a new business or product, then engage them quickly with a video and use social media to get the word out. Engage with video.

I’m sure you can come up with alot more when you start to think about it.

When your ready to talk about it , give me a call I’d love to see how we can get creative and work within your budget.

Aydin my cell  403-678-0339

Here is what Spring Creek had us produce to get everyone to see what they were about. Simple and shows you what they have and where they are located, so if your interested you would look further.

Real Estate Videos

Real Estate Videos









A realtor in Canmore that is big into Social Media Marketing – Richard Greaves, recently started to look closer at video marketing. After Richard did a few slide show style clips , I suggested that we do a actual video shoot with one of his new listings. The challenge was on.

I took my handy system of gear and went to the house. We turned on all the lights in each location and off I went setting up the shot and getting some nice images all with the natural light within the house. Could I have brought a light kit and lit it up?  Certainly, would this make a huge difference, maybe and probably not. The reason I say this is that most people buying want to see the house in it’s natural state. If I do too much to make it look like Hugh Heffner’s mansion they may be disappointed when arriving on location.  A light kits takes precision, which takes time and that cost more money, not always available for certain budgets.

I think the key here was in the way I was able to shoot on a tripod and a portable dolly.  Adding the music and finishing with a key points on the property.

Now did I miss something?  One comment was ” I want to see what the privacy is like”  which was a great point as we tried to cover the interior, we didn’t do much with the exterior.  Another was a walk through with Steadicam might be interesting, maybe , but again setup , time =$$

Having done major Development shoots I can say that I was impressed by the way the shoot went in the time it took. I was also able to shoot stills – photos of the location allowing Richard to use those as well, so knocking out two birds with one stone.

I’ll be looking further into developing different styles and methods to shoot Real estate, with options such as voice overs, models in shots, crane, steadicam for  higher budget listings.

For now the real estate markets needs to take the dip into video  and see the results. Richard has, who’s next to step up to the plate?

Contact me Aydin 403-678-0339

Bison, Blues & Booze at the Juniper

Bison, Blues & Booze In the Rockies took place at the Juniper Hotel in Banff.

This was created to promote ands event back in 2011. A weekend in Banff as Winemaker Sandra Oldfield  as she served up the best of Tinhorn Creek Wines alongside Kelly Long’s Carmen Creek Bison accompanied by the award nominee  Delta-Blues artist Marshall Lawrence for this rare weekend collaboration that engaged all the senses and relax the soul.

Check out the video clip.

Lynn Fletcher Weddings – New Video

Lynn Fletcher Weddings – New Video

Having had the pleasure of working with a true professional like Lynn Fletcher of  Lynn Fletcher Weddings and having shot a few of her many wedding in 2010, I had the pleasure of creating a promotional video showing some of her excellent design work. The video premiered at the Bridal Fair in Calgary on the big screen and viewed by hundreds of bride, grooms and moms at the show.

Most of these events were elaborate and I made the most of our High Definition cameras to capture the fine works of art in different angles with dolly and crane and some inventive ways I tried on the spot. I edited the segment to music selected by the Fletcher team and went to work. here is the segment. Hope you can enjoy the visuals both the way Lynn created it and the way I got to capture it.

Macupdate Software at great Rates

Okay let me first say I buy alot of software. Yes I said it, I’m a techno geek that likes to try new software and see if it will help in my business or personal life. Saying that I’ve bought many programs I never use! One of the reasons is I buy a lot of my software as bundles from Macupdate. Click link banner below to go to their website.

Once you sign up you get special deals on different software. Usually upto 50% off. The bundles they sell are usually around $50 , but have a value of $500!!!! So what I’m saying is there maybe one piece of software you might use out of the 7 in the bundle, but that software might well be worth more than $50.

If you like the software or don’t you can rate it on the website allowing other users to decide if it’s worth it or not.

I have a few apps that I’ve bought from Macupdate like Contactizer, 1Password , Camerabag and others.

Go ahead and check it out , it might save you a few bucks!