As  filmmaker, videographer for the past 10 years I almost forgot the joy of photography.  I have been using a Canon 7D and most recently a 60D for video, but now once in a while I turn it on to photo – (yes funny how I bought the camera to shoot video!) and I snap away.  I come to enjoy taking a few detail shots at weddings mainly for myself interest, but had an opportunity to pop in at a wedding Lynn Fletcher doing and took a few detail shots, hoping she could use them on her website or elsewhere. The lighting guys were testing their system doing a last minute check , so had a mixture of lights going on from white to pink to red.

It’s amazing with what you can do with the light that exists in a room without a flash, that is if you have the right lens. All technical things aside, it was a few shots, but I was like a little kid with a new toy, except the new toy wasn’t so new, it was like I discovered that the toy actually was like a transformer becoming something I never knew I would like  soo much again. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some time and shoot some more stuff and post on the website. For now back to filming and editing.