Today I filmed the April clouds midday in Canmore. I decided that the clouds and wind were about right for a time-lapse of clouds moving over the mountains and to show the dramatic effect a little music adds to those images. There are a variety of ways to do this, the easiest with the equipment I have is using my Sony EX camera that does Interval Recording . I set it to  1 sec / 3 frames and let it roll till I have about a minute of footage. The next step is bringing it into my editing system and speeding  it up. I usually do between 800 – 1200 % to give it that fast movement ,depending on the length ( usually 5 seconds is enough).

Here is one I did today, this took 2 hrs of my time to film and another 1.5 hrs to edit  to what you see here. Luckily I had music that is dramatic to go with it, but that alone is another process for another time.