Okay let me first say I buy alot of software. Yes I said it, I’m a techno geek that likes to try new software and see if it will help in my business or personal life. Saying that I’ve bought many programs I never use! One of the reasons is I buy a lot of my software as bundles from Macupdate. Click link banner below to go to their website.

Once you sign up you get special deals on different software. Usually upto 50% off. The bundles they sell are usually around $50 , but have a value of $500!!!! So what I’m saying is there maybe one piece of software you might use out of the 7 in the bundle, but that software might well be worth more than $50.

If you like the software or don’t you can rate it on the website allowing other users to decide if it’s worth it or not.

I have a few apps that I’ve bought from Macupdate like Contactizer, 1Password , Camerabag and others.

Go ahead and check it out , it might save you a few bucks!