Trade shows go on through out the year in many venues and can have a great reach depending on the markets it’s for. Public Trade Shows need to have a great variety of products and services so that the public feels its worth their time and effort to go.

This past October I went to the Calgary Baby & Tot show to film the show and get vendor and client testimonials. Jennifer James puts on a fantastic show and has a great selection of vendors that come year after year. The BMO centre is the mecca of public trade shows and hosts a variety of them in many categories.

Here is a great example of a vendor talking about why the trade show is a good one for them and why they choose to come and also sponsor the show. More trade shows need to look at this as part of their marketing campaign to both sides vendors and public. It can be short and sweet , but needs to clearly get the message out that this is a show you need to participate in or go to. Nothing beats a video with a vendor  to sell the show to others.

Hopefully many more Trade shows will give us a call to do the same for them 🙂