So you’ve finally decided to create some web videos on your own. Okay , so let me give you some tips cause your gonna need it. Yeah why do I say your going to need it? Because everyone with a camera thinks they’re a pro an then you get very low end mediocre video that just doesn’t help your business. You Tube videos are entertaining and some are actually produced by a crew of producers and shooters that do it for a living, so don’t think it’s just one guy that decided to use a handycam. Those viral videos are again entertainment, probably not something you are trying to do.

Are you the personality on camera? If so you should know what you are going to say in that video and make it quick and to the point. Viewers hate talking heads in the best productions, so say what you need to say, but create a connection. I could be doing this on video right now, but that would take me more time , cause I would probably over produce it! This is free advise so read on.

Shoot on a proper video camera on a tripod, do not shoot a webcam video. Unless your a Gary Vaynerchuk and have a great following and your personality is accepted as that or you want to portray that image, Keep it real, but film it right.

Have good lighting. You don’t want the light over your head, just a good amount of light that people can actually see your face.

Keep it close. Web videos tend to be small so you want to make sure your visible on screen not a small tiny person that the Kids in the Hall will want to squish you. So keep it close up that your visible.

Think about the screen , rule of thirds apply here. Cut up the screen into three up and down, now don’t place yourself right in the middle, keep more to one side which gives a pleasing view. Also make sure your not cutting off your head or leaving too much space above your head.

Audio is a big part of your message. Make sure you have a basic mic to capture good sound and don’t film it when neighbours are having the annual football game party or the kids are playing an intense game of Nintendo Wii.

Before you do anything watch , listen and make sure it meets all of the above. If not then retake. You realize most pro shoots always have alot of takes, the only exception is a wedding video. There is only one take for that!

Thanks for reading