The Calgary Baby & Tot Show

The Calgary Baby & Tot show had us come out and film this great show which brings parents and kids out for an all day affair. Lots to discover and things to do.

This is a quick Promo showing the event. Many events just need a quick 60 second overview, to capture the attention of your audience. No voice over necessary.  If it looks interesting they will either go and get more info on the website or just go to the trade show.

Here is the promotional video.

Vendor Testimonials For Trade Shows

Vendor Testimonials For Trade Shows

Trade shows go on through out the year in many venues and can have a great reach depending on the markets it’s for. Public Trade Shows need to have a great variety of products and services so that the public feels its worth their time and effort to go.

This past October I went to the Calgary Baby & Tot show to film the show and get vendor and client testimonials. Jennifer James puts on a fantastic show and has a great selection of vendors that come year after year. The BMO centre is the mecca of public trade shows and hosts a variety of them in many categories.

Here is a great example of a vendor talking about why the trade show is a good one for them and why they choose to come and also sponsor the show. More trade shows need to look at this as part of their marketing campaign to both sides vendors and public. It can be short and sweet , but needs to clearly get the message out that this is a show you need to participate in or go to. Nothing beats a video with a vendor  to sell the show to others.

Hopefully many more Trade shows will give us a call to do the same for them 🙂

Canmore Real Estate Market On Video

Canmore Real Estate Market On Video

Great Views from this Benchlands Terrace Home In Canmore

Canmore Real Estate market is picking up and more listings are coming on the market. Richard Greaves is one of the local Realtors that are taking advantage of my video capabilities and getting me to produce short form Real Estate videos. One of his clients Wade Graham of Higher Ground Real Estate Investments had Richard film one of his properties for sale, realizing the potential of video to sell his properties. These videos are a maximum of 2 minutes in length giving the potential buyer a quick view of the property. The client can then decide to vie more pictures or make an appointment to actually view the house. The video gives the viewer a better sense of the house.

Now you ask about voice over, layouts, some one on camera which can all be done, but the time and cost may be prohibitive to some realtors where others selling a high end home over 1.5 million may consider doing more of the finer details.

The main point here is that Realtors will have more views do to having video than not. End of story. So decide if this is important to you in the world wave of video online and that You Tube is the second largest search engine after Google and your thoughts may change. Print is expensive and if your going to do it, just direct them to your website, no need to waste it in print. You want to get them to your website and browse your listings , not just take a peak at the pics in the print ad.

Clare McArdle another local realtor also decided to do a video for one of her listings that happened to be rented quite frequently in a vacation condo rental pool. She now can show potential clients the condo without having to figure out if it’s available for a showing, tough to do on weekends when rented out.

Here are some video produced.

Using Video to Market Your Business

If you think I wrote this to get your business, your right, but it’s also an process of education.

Here it goes.

Stats on the webs show that by 2011 search will be 90% video.

Over 10 million people have watched each 3 to 4 hours of video majority on mobile apps

And I am sure you know that You Tube owned by Google is the second largest search engine.

So how can you use it?

Educate your potential and existing clients on your products or services, give them a reason to keep coming back to buy more or make their first purchase.

Promote a product by showing a demo on how it works, special features and anything you feel may get even more interest.

Testimonials from clients about your product or services always helps, this is a confidence builder for the buyers. They’ll feel more comfortable knowing someone else has experienced the service or product.

Launching a new business or product, then engage them quickly with a video and use social media to get the word out. Engage with video.

I’m sure you can come up with alot more when you start to think about it.

When your ready to talk about it , give me a call I’d love to see how we can get creative and work within your budget.

Aydin my cell  403-678-0339

Here is what Spring Creek had us produce to get everyone to see what they were about. Simple and shows you what they have and where they are located, so if your interested you would look further.