Filming Time Lapse

Today I filmed the April clouds midday in Canmore. I decided that the clouds and wind were about right for a time-lapse of clouds moving over the mountains and to show the dramatic effect a little music adds to those images. There are a variety of ways to do this, the easiest with the equipment I have is using my Sony EX camera that does Interval Recording . I set it to  1 sec / 3 frames and let it roll till I have about a minute of footage. The next step is bringing it into my editing system and speeding  it up. I usually do between 800 – 1200 % to give it that fast movement ,depending on the length ( usually 5 seconds is enough).

Here is one I did today, this took 2 hrs of my time to film and another 1.5 hrs to edit  to what you see here. Luckily I had music that is dramatic to go with it, but that alone is another process for another time.


The Rimrock Resort Hotel In Banff, Alberta

The Rimrock Resort Hotel In Banff, Alberta


The Rimrock Resort Hotel  has a special place in my heart. I had the pleasure of being part of the opening team back in 1993 when I was in the Hospitality industry. The hotel is a Four Diamond Resort Hotel located in Banff National Park and right by the famous Upper Hot Springs.

The Hotel has always been beautifully kept , with regular renovation to meet the very high standards it holds. The Eden Restaurant is one of only  five  restaurants in Canada to receive the Five diamond award . It is worth a reservation while in Banff.

I was recently asked to create a video to be placed online and shown at the Food & Wine show in May.  Next time in Banff stay  at the Rimrock or stop by and enjoy the restaurants and lounges. Did I mention the views? Watch the video to see what I mean.

ISES Event – Poison

ISES Event – Poison


ISES  – International Special Events Society of Calgary is putting on a great fundraiser for Missing Children . It’s in May and your invited! More news will be posted  here

Here is a quick trailer I created to launch the event at the meeting March 22, 2012.  Turn up the sound and watch it , it short 18 seconds.

By the way this is a great way to launch your next event to other and get interest.

Canmore Community Daycare

The Canmore Community Daycare is a non profit organization mainly run by volunteer parents. Every year there is one event to raise money for this organizations and the community comes out to support their young citizens that will be the future of their town.

Here is a promotional video created with their new building.

Social Media

Yes we are all over Social media you can find us here at the following Social Media platforms and of course this website which is designed with Word Press and is the best blogging platform.

Facebook – we tend to link many of our posts on to Facebook so you can always come back to our website to read and browse.

Linkedin – mainly allows for business networking and easier for my clients to place a recommendation for my services.

Twitter – used in a variety of discussions for a variety of things that are either business or pleasure which mix nicely.

The Calgary Baby & Tot Show

The Calgary Baby & Tot show had us come out and film this great show which brings parents and kids out for an all day affair. Lots to discover and things to do.

This is a quick Promo showing the event. Many events just need a quick 60 second overview, to capture the attention of your audience. No voice over necessary.  If it looks interesting they will either go and get more info on the website or just go to the trade show.

Here is the promotional video.