Cornerstone Theatre

Cornerstone Theatre

I’m always looking for companies that need my services and when I contacted Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore Alberta where I live they said they needed a promo clip. We quickly discussed their needs and discovered it was a quick overview of their dinner theatre Oh Canada Eh! that runs from April till October . This was all shot on a Canon 5D Mark3 with a music track already from the show.

I always say show your potential clients what they can look forward to by visiting your establishment especially if it’s tourism based, restaurants, hotels , activities. People plan ahead and its nice to know whet they can expect. A photo is only one element to your marketing strategy. Video is a big one that if your company is not doing , well lets just say your missing a big opportunity.

Watch the promo.

Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine 2012

Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine 2012

Another great start to the year for Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise. We film a little opener each year for a local event Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine put on at Wild Bill’s in Banff. This allows the resorts to quickly mention whats new for the upcoming season. A ski  snowboard film follows the presentation . Everyone gets in with non perisable food items to give to the Food Bank.

Here is the 2012 / 2013 season segment




The Rimrock Resort Hotel In Banff, Alberta

The Rimrock Resort Hotel In Banff, Alberta


The Rimrock Resort Hotel  has a special place in my heart. I had the pleasure of being part of the opening team back in 1993 when I was in the Hospitality industry. The hotel is a Four Diamond Resort Hotel located in Banff National Park and right by the famous Upper Hot Springs.

The Hotel has always been beautifully kept , with regular renovation to meet the very high standards it holds. The Eden Restaurant is one of only  five  restaurants in Canada to receive the Five diamond award . It is worth a reservation while in Banff.

I was recently asked to create a video to be placed online and shown at the Food & Wine show in May.  Next time in Banff stay  at the Rimrock or stop by and enjoy the restaurants and lounges. Did I mention the views? Watch the video to see what I mean.

Vendor Testimonials For Trade Shows

Vendor Testimonials For Trade Shows

Trade shows go on through out the year in many venues and can have a great reach depending on the markets it’s for. Public Trade Shows need to have a great variety of products and services so that the public feels its worth their time and effort to go.

This past October I went to the Calgary Baby & Tot show to film the show and get vendor and client testimonials. Jennifer James puts on a fantastic show and has a great selection of vendors that come year after year. The BMO centre is the mecca of public trade shows and hosts a variety of them in many categories.

Here is a great example of a vendor talking about why the trade show is a good one for them and why they choose to come and also sponsor the show. More trade shows need to look at this as part of their marketing campaign to both sides vendors and public. It can be short and sweet , but needs to clearly get the message out that this is a show you need to participate in or go to. Nothing beats a video with a vendor  to sell the show to others.

Hopefully many more Trade shows will give us a call to do the same for them 🙂

ISES Calgary

ISES Calgary

As  member of ISES Calgary , I was given the opportunity to create a short recruitment video showing members having fun and giving a quick talk on why they are members and benefits of being a member. We are a fun bunch of people who try real hard to make our client events a success no matter how big or small.

This was shot at Eau Claire Market playground inside to show the fun aspect of our organization.

Interested in joining? Vist the website.  ISES Calgary

Using Video to Market Your Business

If you think I wrote this to get your business, your right, but it’s also an process of education.

Here it goes.

Stats on the webs show that by 2011 search will be 90% video.

Over 10 million people have watched each 3 to 4 hours of video majority on mobile apps

And I am sure you know that You Tube owned by Google is the second largest search engine.

So how can you use it?

Educate your potential and existing clients on your products or services, give them a reason to keep coming back to buy more or make their first purchase.

Promote a product by showing a demo on how it works, special features and anything you feel may get even more interest.

Testimonials from clients about your product or services always helps, this is a confidence builder for the buyers. They’ll feel more comfortable knowing someone else has experienced the service or product.

Launching a new business or product, then engage them quickly with a video and use social media to get the word out. Engage with video.

I’m sure you can come up with alot more when you start to think about it.

When your ready to talk about it , give me a call I’d love to see how we can get creative and work within your budget.

Aydin my cell  403-678-0339

Here is what Spring Creek had us produce to get everyone to see what they were about. Simple and shows you what they have and where they are located, so if your interested you would look further.