Meetings, Conferences & Incentives

Filming corporate meetings provides the benefit of preserving important discussions, capturing new ideas and conveying the atmosphere of enthusiasm that is often lost in written meeting minutes. If you decide that only the brightest highlights should be preserved on high definition video, our professional editing abilities will ensure that only the most important concepts are presented in full, but in brief.

New employees and those participants who were unable to attend will directly gain from access to these video archives. Further review of past meetings can lead to more effective ways of running meetings, saving both valuable time and money.

Incentive gatherings are an excellent chance to convey the brightest sense of achievement and personal growth in a company. We can be there at the meetings, activities and special events to capture the enthusiasm and emotions of your brightest employees, and preserve them as a personal record, as well as to use as a future incentive tool. Our on-site editing capabilities allow us to film the events and have a video ready for the final evening viewing.

Here are some website that may help your meeting, incentive in Banff, Canmore or Lake Louise.