Mac Mini Media Centre

Mac Mini Media Centre

Every one knows the Mac Mini is that little box that can. The little box came out a few years back and made a big impact on the PC world , when it allowed PC owners a chance to make a small investment in this Apple product that only needed a monitor, keyboard and mouse, which most PC owners had.

The latest Mac Mini has made things easier to replace RAM and hard drives. It used to be you needed a spanner to crack it open , very difficult and not really worth the head ache. It’s smaller now and even allows it to be used as a server. I know some companies use it for their Digital signage being more reliable than a PC when it comes to working overtime. Yes you play a little more for this than a cheap PC but after all it’s an Apple and Steve and the boys need to make more good stuff , so you pay a little more. RD is not free.

The Mac Mini can be used for 3D games with it’s great graphics card inside that move at great speeds. I recently saw an article comparing the Mac Mini and Apple TV and really they are two different animals so why compare. I know one thing is that this would certainly be a good potential Media Centre with the added addition of HDMI connection to display on your latest HD TV, 800 Firewire and 4 USB ports, super drive DVD recorder. Oh yeah forgot it’s more enviro friendly a it only uses 10 watts of power.

I think I’ll replace my old family 17 inch IMac , a new 22 inch screen can be had for $150 now adays.


The New Mac Mini