Apple TV launches smaller version

Apple the King of everything cool and advanced in video technology adds another version of their popular Apple TV. The device is now much smaller with it’s internal power supply (the old one had a  cable with a external power supply, bulky) It’s now Black and does pretty much the same as the last one. Not exactly. It’s missing one key component in my view which is the hard drive! Yes, hard drive seems like an extra thing that might not be needed, that is if you sync with your existing Macbook, IMac or other mac that carries your movies, music, photos etc. I have the older version which is a year old and works great. I do like the hard drive of the ability of uploading stuff directly on the Apple TV , although I will admit I do sync our Apple TV with our family IMac we have in the living room.

Overall I love everything Apple and can see that they always look ahead. They must be feeling that everything will be WiFi and no extra hard drives will be necessary on most of their devices like the Apple TV. Other companies like Western Digital maker of hard drives have a similar player called WD TV.  Similar to Apple TV and plays more formats than Apple TV that may be popular with PC enthusiasts . The big deal here folks is both play HD video which of course is a must with all the TV’s in production nowadays.

The cost between the two? Apple TV sells for $119 and WD TV starts at about $130

Cost of an external network Hard drive? A decent 1TB hard drives start at about $200

If I was to give you some advice it would be get a hard drive an make sure you have all the important ( family) movies from your past and present , including pictures all backed up and a hard drive. You can then watch them at anytime and not worry about them getting further deteriorated. Lots of software to rip your personal DVD’s onto a hard drive like Handbrake

Join the future, get a media player and enjoy the benefits of the versatile system.