Aydin Wedding Films

Aydin Wedding Films


A new website and name for wedding films that we have been doing for over 10 years has just launched just in time for the Bridal Fair in Calgary.

This website will be  for brides and grooms looking to have their wedding filmed by us. Of course a website is just a launching pad for further consultation and meeting brides and grooms and getting inspired by  how they met and their family stories. Their history will be filmed and shared with family and friends for years to come.

Click here to visit the website  

Wedding Designs and Photography

Wedding Designs and Photography

As  filmmaker, videographer for the past 10 years I almost forgot the joy of photography.  I have been using a Canon 7D and most recently a 60D for video, but now once in a while I turn it on to photo – (yes funny how I bought the camera to shoot video!) and I snap away.  I come to enjoy taking a few detail shots at weddings mainly for myself interest, but had an opportunity to pop in at a wedding Lynn Fletcher doing and took a few detail shots, hoping she could use them on her website or elsewhere. The lighting guys were testing their system doing a last minute check , so had a mixture of lights going on from white to pink to red.

It’s amazing with what you can do with the light that exists in a room without a flash, that is if you have the right lens. All technical things aside, it was a few shots, but I was like a little kid with a new toy, except the new toy wasn’t so new, it was like I discovered that the toy actually was like a transformer becoming something I never knew I would like  soo much again. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some time and shoot some more stuff and post on the website. For now back to filming and editing.



Lynn Fletcher Weddings – New Video

Lynn Fletcher Weddings – New Video

Having had the pleasure of working with a true professional like Lynn Fletcher of  Lynn Fletcher Weddings and having shot a few of her many wedding in 2010, I had the pleasure of creating a promotional video showing some of her excellent design work. The video premiered at the Bridal Fair in Calgary on the big screen and viewed by hundreds of bride, grooms and moms at the show.

Most of these events were elaborate and I made the most of our High Definition cameras to capture the fine works of art in different angles with dolly and crane and some inventive ways I tried on the spot. I edited the segment to music selected by the Fletcher team and went to work. here is the segment. Hope you can enjoy the visuals both the way Lynn created it and the way I got to capture it.

New Website  Banff Video – Weddings & Events

New Website Banff Video – Weddings & Events

Aydin Productions Ltd has just launched a new website for their wedding and event business that operates in the Canadian Rockies called Banff Video.

Many people in the wedding and event world are looking for someone that specializes in capturing the day or weeks events in the Canadian Rockies such as Kananaskis, Canmore Banff or Lake Louise. Aydin Productions Ltd. has created this division to provide experienced and knowledgeable video production for events in the Canadian Rockies such as Incentive groups, Corporate retreats, Special Events and Weddings.

We capture this spectacular area with the particular event or wedding in mind.

Whether the event requires one camera or multiple angles, we can be there to make sure it is captured in High Definition video and clear sound.

Rates and packages can vary according to budgets and what is required. No project is too small or too big for us.

Banff Video logo

Wedding Bloggers Starting To Get The Picture

I’ve noticed in the last 6 months that a variety of people in the wedding services industry have started to blog more and more. From wedding planners to photographers they have all found new ways of sharing their events and how to’s.  I remember seeing one wedding planner saying they would give a Free planner if you gave your email etc. interesting catch, but really not something you can’t already find on the web. Other’s have given their top 10 or top 50 tips with a daily tip or weekly tip to keep the would be bride interested and hopefully use their services. The best of the photographers and wedding planners know that the best way to engage a client is with your work!  Yes there I said it. Brides want to see your work no matter what service you offer, they also want to know that clients were satisfied.

I know that when a client calls for one of my services  such as a wedding film or DJ service they are either looking for my services specifically because a wedding planners suggestion to contact me or have heard of us through others using our services.

So when you see a beautifully design specific wedding like the one’s that Lynn Fletcher Weddings does  expect to pay for that great service and design expertise.  You can always go straight ahead and have one of the great wedding planners do the basic coordination of your event and get them to assist you in putting things together. If your not interested in that then you need to just browse through the world wide web trying to find what you want and do it on your own. Maybe a DYI kit?  Here’s a great wedding portal specific for the Canadian Rockies www.Banffweddings.ca yeah it’s where I do most of my work and where I live and play with my family.

So read the blogs, watch for the tips, check out the pics and the videos then go ahead and figure out what you want to do and how much you have to spend. Go crazy, it’s the biggest party your going to throw , so enjoy it!

Oh yeah and hire me to film it all!